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I support role-playing stamp by beaniet85
I support role-playing stamp

Here is a new stamp about role-playing, I do not do this myself, but I enjoy seeing and support those that have an interest in this hobby. Live-action role-playing is a performance of dressing up in a costume as you are acting out a particular character to physically act out scenarios in a play on stage, a situation comedy on TV, or a superhero in a film. In addition to on-screen performers, there are also people who just lend their voices to participate in voice acting, which is the art of role-playing by providing a voice-over for an animated character in animated short films.

The original blank stamp templete was made by ApocalipticFaint and can found here:…

cyber love is real love stamp by beaniet85
cyber love is real love stamp

Here is a new stamp inspired by my relationship with :iconbrainiacadam:. An online long-distance romantic relationship for two people who live in different countries has the internet as the only way of communication by using a webcam to see what the person on the other side of the computer screen looks like and hear what his or her voice sounds like. Otherwise, it is exactly the same as an in-person romantic relationship where two people choose go outside and meet each other and can show love by actively going places together, hugging and kissing, holding each other hands, listening, watching, and knowing every single facial expression of the other person and knowing what it means.

The original blank stamp templete was made by ApocalipticFaint and can found here:…

Once the Beauty Brigade had gone back to their seats, Sabrina decided to tell the audience about the very few fanfiction stories that she had written, and about how she went a recent adventure that she had experienced with a group of superheroes known as the Unleashers.

Symphonia: Sabrina, I have heard that you have written a few fanfiction stories, is that correct?

Sabrina: Indeed it is, Symphonia. My very first fanfiction was "Ramica's Journal", it is about an anthro nerdluck who tells about her experiences about her trip to Moron Mountain with her family, which was told in first person point of view in the form of journal entries, even though I only wrote two chapters and never did and probably never will finish it. My second fanfiction was the origin story for my Mortal Kombat persona Sauria, it was called "Sauria's Story", it was about how she was kidnapped and mutated into a lizard and her very first meeting with Adam Legend.

Fairy Godmother: These sound like wonderful stories, you have a wonderful imagination, Sabrina. Keep up the great work!

Sabrina: Thank you for your very kind words, fairy godmother. They mean a lot to me.

Fairy Godmother: You're very welcome, Sabrina. I recently heard from Adam that you and him went on an adventure with Rod, Andrew, and two of Rod's friends, where each of you became superheroes to defeat Rod's evil rival who was trying to take over the world and change it to show his girlfriend how much he meant to her with a very powerful pyramid-shaped object. Will you please tell us about it?

Sabrina: Certainly! The Unleashers were a superhero alliance team that consisted of Rod, Andrew, Adam, and myself along with Rod's two friends, Angie and Tanner, who each became a completely original superhero to stop Rod's evil look-alike Ric who was now a supervillain and planned to erase our world by using a strange black pyramid-shaped object called the "Yresyr" that holds unlimited power, just so he could have altered all that exists on this planet and shape it to his girlfriend Rebecca's liking, because he wanted to show her that she meant the entire world to him. If Rebecca had her way, she would of been in absolute control over the human race and upheld as the goddess Ric declared her to be, but thankfully, Rod and the Unleashers managed to defeat Ric and stop his plan once and for all, and saved the day by restoring the J.U.M.P. agents, B.U.M.P. agents, Forever Heroes, and Rights Fighters after Ric had made them all disappear by using the power of the Yresyr.

Symphonia: Wow! That sounds like an interesting adventure that you had there, Sabrina.

Sabrina: It was great.

Rod: Thank you for joining me on that adventure, Sabrina. It is greatly appreciated.

Sabrina: And thank you for inviting me to go with you, Rod. It was very kind of you to include me, and I really appreciate it.

Rod: No problem.

Adam: That really was an awesome adventure, especially since I am a fan of superheroes.

Rod: Thank you, Adam. You and I have been friends for a very long time now, so it was only nesscessary to include you.

Then, Sabrina decided to talk about another recent adventure that she had experienced when she joined Adam, Rod, Andrew, and Kiki on an adventure that involved travelling to various fandoms to save a kingdom from an apocalyptic demon named Night Terror.

Sabrina: I now would like to say that I recently joined Adam and a few other deviantART friends on an adventure that involved travelling to various fandoms to save a kingdom from an apocalyptic demon named Night Terror. The kingdom is known as the Bendigedig Kingdom, and it is ruled by prince Ulrich and prince Xander, and it was very beautiful there. We had been summoned there by Ulrich because Xander had gone out on a walk to escape from boredom, and we eventually found out that Night Terror had possessed him by using him as a host to cause damage in the various fandoms which would have lead to the destruction of the Bendigedig Kingdom, which is why we decided to go on this adventure. That was a lot of fun, and we were all able to transform into our various fandom personas in a flash of light, this technique was also used to discard all of our personas from our bodies after we saved all the fandoms, so the separated personas could help us fight and defeat Night Terror!  

Adam: It really was a great adventure, and I was glad that you were able to join me, Sabrina.

Sabrina: Thank you for inviting me to go along with you, Adam. I greatly appreciate it!

Rod: That was such a wonderful adventure, and I'd be willing to do that again in the future.

Adam: So, I'd like to take a moment to introduce the rulers of the Bendigedig Kingdom, prince Ulrich and prince Xander!

Prince Ulrich and prince Xander walked up onto the stage, and introduced themselves to the guests in the audience. Everyone cheered in excitement and applauded loudly. Sabrina and Adam decided to talk about how they and their deviantART friends participated in the ice bucket challenge until mysterious jelly-like blobs invaded the planet and transformed anything they consume into various foods, animals, and objects.

Prince Ulrich: Hello, everyone! My name is Ulrich. I am very thankful for our friends for saving our kingdom from Night Terror, and bringing my brother back to me alive and well, I was so worried about him.

Prince Xander: Hello, everyone! My name is Xander. And I just want to apologize for starting the whole adventure of saving our kingdom, it was all my fault. If I hadn't complained about being bored and found that golden amulet, none of this would have happened. I felt extremely terrible about what I had done.

Sabrina: It's not your fault, Xander, you didn't do anything wrong. Night Terror's minions must of heard that you were bored and decided to take advantage of your kindness and innocence by luring you into that nightmare trap, so they could revive their master to get revenge on Adam for defeating him on his first adventure.

Adam: Sabrina is right on this, Xander. You don't have to be sorry or worry anymore now that Night Terror is gone for good.

Sabrina: Ok, then, moving, you may have heard that Adam and I along with Rod, Andrew, Kiki, princess Peach, Rita Repulsa, Jennifer Fields, prince Ulrich, prince Xander, and so many others have decided to take part in a very special challenge.

Adam: This is challenge is known as the ice bucket challenge, where people pour icy cold water over themselves and nominate their friends and make donations afterwards to to raise money for people suffering serious illnesses.

Prince Ulrich: Xander and I were having an ice bucket fight and throwing water at each other!

Prince Xander: I really enjoyed that myself, Ulrich. We were all having fun until these gelatinous blob-like aliens called Jellicules arrived on the Earth and started turning people into weird things.

Adam: I discovered that soaking them with water is their weakness, so my friends and I had water cannons that we used to get rid of them. And when I was getting ready to use my water cannon on it, I said "ready, aim, FIRE, I mean WATER!" However, there was a giant red Jellicule that I sprayed with my water cannon, but it was a lot harder to defeat than any of the others because it was more worse and dangerous than they were, since it was faster and had the ability to consume more than one person. So, I transformed into Yellow Fire to increase the heat of the room inside a greenhouse and also used my water cannon to make the temperture very steamy and hot so the water could evaporate and condense, in order to kill it by melting it a giant red puddle.

Fairy Godmother: It was awful being turned into that wicked witch, but I am and thankful and grateful to Adam for saving the day.

Symphonia: I'm very appreciative of the fact of that Sabrina had decided to save Kaluka from the Jellicules by enlisting the help of Aquesio and I.

Sabrina: Thank you so much for your kind words, Symphonia. I was horrified to see humans being turned into various foods such as a candy cane, hot dog, roast chicken, popsicle, and giant pizza! I just can't imagine myself coming into contact with a Jellicule, and being turned into an anthropormorphic version of the heart symbol on my Fuchsia Heart costume or a living version of my wiggle stick. I'm glad that Adam even appeared on the TV to alert me and our deviantART friends to let them know about the Jellicules and their weakness of water, so everyone could throw water at the blob-like aliens to kill them.

As Ulrich and Xander left the stage and went back to their seats, Sabrina decided to her very first adventure that she had ever been on, which was her trip to Kaluka.

Sabrina: As we have guests from another realm called Kaluka, I would like to talk about how Adam and I got to the magical land and saved it from an evil empire. One day, I was just in my bedroom and playing on my latop computer as usual. When suddenly a portal appeared on the floor next to my computer desk, and then stepped on it, only to be transported to Kaluka. I did get a wonderful and pleasent surprise once I arrived in Kaluka, Adam and I met in person for the first ever time. We had each ended up in a different spot in Skyienia and decided to walk around to see if we could ask someone for directions on where to go, and when we first came face-to-face with each other in a state of disbelief and surprise, but we didn't recognize each other at first. Once we had recognized each other, the two of us screamed in delight and hugged each other, overjoyed to have met in person for the first ever time. Adam and I were introduced to the rulers of Skyienia, king Rainbow and queen Heart, who told us about about how evil the Metallic Dynasty were, in addition to information about their greedy and sinister plot to try and overthrow Kaluka and Skyienia and expand them into a part of their empire, and they captured many Kalukian citizens and transformed them into metal sheet slaves. We got to meet many new friends on our journey, and we experienced many adventures which include a land where musical instruments live, an underwater city by transforming into a mermaid and merman, and a lunar festival in the Giggle Garden. Every time we visited a new area of Kaluka, the Metallic Dynasty would find us there and attack that particular city or town. We always managed to defeat them in the end, but they were so tired of losing that they decided to decided to bring their own set of humans to their homeworld of Shadowmetalland. And so they did just that by transporting our look-a-like rivals Sasha and Alan there. Sasha became Dark Heart and temporarily caused our friends in Kaluka to hate each other and start arguing, while Alan transformed into Green Ice tried to attempt to turn it into a winter wonderland. But, I became Fuchsia Heart and Adam transformed into Yellow Fire, so we could stop our rivals' plans. And then, we were involved in a war between Kaluka and Shadowmetalland to see which side would win. If we had lost, we would of been turned into metal sheet slaves for all eternity, but luckily, we ended up winning by defeating Metallix and getting to free all the captured Kalukians and restore them to their normal selves after they had been transformed into metal sheets thirty years earlier. And Adam and I were given knighthoods after defeating the Metallic Dynasty, I became known as the dame of the hearts of kindness and Adam became known as the knight of the flames of courage. And we even received magical handheld pocket mirrors with jewel-shaped buttons on them, and if we gaze into our reflections and press the buttons, we are able to warp to Kaluka from Earth and vice-versa.

Fairy Godmother: You and Adam must of had a wonderful time in Kaluka, Sabrina.

Sabrina: Oh, I did and had a ball!

Adam: It was just like the Wizard of Oz wasn’t it, Sabrina.

Sabrina: Exactly like it, but with an added bonus: the pleasent surprise of getting to meet you in person for the first time.

Rod: It looked like you and Adam had a big adventure, Sabrina. I hope I could explore Kaluka just like you did.

Sabrina: I would love it if you could as well, Rod, if only I could make an arrangement with king Rainbow and queen Heart to bring you to Kaluka.

Symphonia: I'm sure that we actually can arrange for Rod to visit our realm of Kaluka one day, Sabrina.

Sabrina: Now I'd like to introduce our friends from Kaluka!

Kaluka's theme music began to play, it was an instrumental version of the song “The Merry Old Land Of Oz” from the 1939 "Wizard Of Oz" movie, as the Kaluka residents walked on to the stage. Everyone cheered in excitement and applauded loudly, even Sasha did, however it was a soft clap and she gave a heavy glare.

Goop the gaboonie: My name is Goop and I am a gaboonie. I am loyal, trustworthy, friendly, caring, polite, good-natured, and serious. I have always loved listening to my father's stories of adventure while growing up, and had always dreamed of becoming the leader one day. And before our land had been saved by Sabrina and Adam, it was my job to go out on patrol daily to find if the Metallic Dynasty was plotting to overthrow the land of Kaluka and the Skyienian palace. Now, things are so much better for me since I have been reunited with Yanpookie and finally have gotten to marry her. I'm so grateful to the humans for saving our land from the Metallic Dynasty.

Yanpookie the gaboonie: My name is Yanpookie, and I have known Goop since he and I were children. At that time, we had been engaged to be married through a pre-arranged marriage, even though we disliked each other. As we got older, we started to fall in love with each other. I have been in love with Goop for a very long time, but thirty years ago Metallix had captured and transformed me into a metal sheet slave. And because of this, I had lost my true memories of being a gaboonie in Kaluka Forest and became a metal sheet who believed my true homeworld was Shadowmetalland and thought Goop, Art, Gum, and all my other friends were really my enemies.

Art the raccoon: My name is Arthur, but you may call me Art if you'd like to, as that is what most of my family and friends call me. I am a raccoon who can be mischivious at times, but I'm also kind, caring, and very intelligent. I have an ability where I can predict when something bad will happen, so I place two fingers on the sides of my head and close my eyes for a few seconds as I sense a bad premonition. Along with my psychic prediction, I also come up with a plan on how to escape from the situation. I'm proud to have Gum as my girlfriend, and I love her to bits.

Gum the squirrel: My name is Bubblegum, but you may call me Gum if you wish to, because that is what most of my family and friends call me. I am a squirrel who may be slightly clumsy sometimes, but I'm well-meaning and always eager to go on an adventure with my friends. My favorite technique to use on the Metallic Dynasty is my somersault glide, an ability to do a somersault in midair and than can glide gracefully while airborne. Art and I have a very strong romantic relationship which is built on friendship, I love him very much and would do anything for him.

King Rainbow: My name is Rainbow, and I am the ruler of the city of Skyienia along with my wife, queen Heart. I am especially fond of both Sabrina and Adam, and know that they do a great job of ruling the Skyienian palace.

Queen Heart: My name is Heart, and I rule Skyienia alongside my husband, king Rainbow. I have known Sabrina and Adam for their entire lives, and just watching them grow up over the years has been a wonderful experience for me. They have turned out to be a wonderful young woman and young man who have hearts in the right places, that is why I had chosen them to save Kaluka when the time was right. I have a book in the Skyienian Palace library that can summon good-hearted humans into Kaluka.

Prince Starlow: Hello, everybody! My name is Starlow, and I am the son of king Rainbow and queen Heart and the brother of princess Starina. I am kind-hearted, adventurous, charming, polite, wise, intelligent, and my hobbies include going out to new and different places, helping the innocent, and playing with friends like Adam and Sabrina.

Princess Starina: Hi, everyone! My name is Starina, and I am the daughter of king Rainbow and queen Heart and the sister of prince Starlow. I am kind-hearted, innocent, fair, gentle, caring, and my hobbies include going out to new and different places, playing with animals, singing, and dreaming.

Peach: My name is Peach, and I am the royal assistant to the king of the Skyienian palace. I am a long-time friend of king Rainbow, we have known each other since they were children. I am loyal, trustworthy, friendly, caring, polite, good-natured, and enjoy my job as the royal assistant, even though sometimes I tend to daydream at times. I am also in a loving relationship with queen Heart's assistant, Cherry. On extremely rare ocassions we do tend to face conflict, but we always are able to work things out and make up after an argument, and that's why we are so compatible for each other.

Cherry: My name is Cherry, and I became the assistant to the queen after the previous assistant, Banana, had betrayed the king and queen because she was tired of living by their rules. I am loyal, trustworthy, friendly, caring, polite, good-natured, and a very hard worker who enjoys working for my employers and will do anything that they ask me to do for them. I am also very much in love with Peach, but our relationship can get quite shaky on very rare ocassions, because neither of us really likes to face conflict but we always are able to work things out and make up after an argument. Our relationship is built on friendship, so it's not likely to fall apart anytime soon.

Pineapple: My name is Pineapple, and I am happy, funny, caring, friendly, loving, and comical. In my spare time, I enjoy going on adventures, hanging with friends and laughing with them, surfing, and telling jokes. I met Sabrina and Adam when they were in Skyienia, signing autographs for their heroic efforts for fighting the Metallic Dynasty. They were instant celebrities in Kaluka, and still are to this day.

Aquesio: Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Aquesio. I am a raindrop who is the kind-hearted, wise, loving, friendly, and polite ruler of the Seaweed Kingdom and lives in the great Kalukian ocean in the middle of a tropical beach. Sabrina and Adam met me when they were enjoying their swim, while exploring Kaluka. They were sent to help out the residents of the Seaweed Kingdom when the Metallic Dynasty polluted it with ink, so king Rainbow and queen Heart granted them the ability to transform into a mermaid and a merman for that mission.

Superbot: My name is Superbot, and I am kind-hearted, friendly, cheerful, and highly intelligent. However, back when the Metallic Dynasty was evil, I was a lookout for them, but had to act like I was extremely accident prone, forgetful, and clumsy for my employers because I secretly wished to join the heroes in the fight against the Metallic Dynasty. Now that the Metallic Dynasty is no longer an evil empire, I am the co-ruler of it along with my girlfriend, Valentina.

Valentina: My name is Valentina, and I am kind-hearted, friendly, and cheerful. I was given to prince Starlow and princess Starina as a birthday gift from their parents, but I had been stolen from the Skyienian Palace by the Metallic Dynasty and re-programmed to fight the Skyienians and the Kalukians. I was eventually restored to normal when Superbot convinced Sabrina to use her unique super power on me, and the two of us have been inseperable ever since.

Apple: My name is Apple, and I am fun, bubbly, friendly, cheerful, comforting, gentle, polite, always looking on the positive side, and have a good sense of humor. My hobbies are hanging with friends, laughing with them, and sticking up for them if they are bullied. Everyone around me says that I'm a saint to a lot of people, and I especially get on well with Adam and Sabrina, but hate Banana with a vengeance due to her betrayal to Kaluka and picking on her friends without a reason. I live in a treehouse in the same tree as Art and Gum, and my best friend is a cinnamon stick named Cinnamon, and I refer to him as my "bezzie mate".

Cinnamon: My name is Cinnamon, and I am fun, bubbly, cheerful, happy, and have a good sense of humor. My hobbies are hanging with friends, laughing with them, and going on adventures. One day, I suffered a terrible fate when Banana bullied and kidnapped me and took me to be changed into a metal sheet slave for the next 30 years. I was finally restored to my normal form during a recent war between Kaluka and Shadowmetalland. I'm grateful to Sabrina and Adam for restoring all the Kalukians who had been brainwashed into metal sheet slaves.

Strawberry: My name is Strawberry, and I am vain, generous, friendly, caring, loving, and serious. My hobbies are praticing martial arts and going to the beauty salon, and even though I have an elegant personality, I am an accomplished fighter who has the ability to karate yell and slap my enemies. My favorite battle technique is the karate combo, where I repeatedly perform a chopping motion on the opponent with the side of my opened hand, while jumpimg up high into the air with my leg bent and then extend it as I strike them with a kick with one of my feet. I told Sabrina that one day she will be as attractive as me, but her heart makes her truly beautiful, and she is so lucky to have Adam as her handsome prince.

Passion Fruit: My name is Passion Fruit, and I am curious, adventurous, quiet, friendly, caring, loving, and sometimes rather quiet. My hobbies are going on adventures and hanging out with friends. And when I first met Sabrina and Adam, I blushed and spoke softly because I was quite shy, as I had never seen humans before.

Lemon: My name is Lemon, and I am naughty, silly, immature, annoying, hyper, giggly, crafty, funny, and likes to call people random and silly names. While people around me think I'm a nuisance, they just don't know that I love to play pranks on people, but they also say that I can be quite helpful at times. I once sided with the Metallic Dynasty, but they committed acts even I wouldn't dare commit, so I left them.

Lime: My name is Lime, and I am Lemon's twin brother. I also have the same personality as him and had briefly joined the Metallic Dynasty at the same time that he did.

Patch the badger: My name is Patch, and I am a badger. I'm fun, happy, cheerful, and positive. But when the Metallic Dynasty invaded and attacked Kaluka, this caused me to become grouchy, crabby, grumpy, and depressed for thirty years, but now I have regained my happiness now that the Metallic Dynasty is no longer evil. Thanks to the two brave humans who saved our land, and words cannot express the gratitude that I have for them.

Boomer the fox: My name is Boomer, and I am a red fox. I'm the loyal, trustworthy, friendly, caring, polite, good-natured, and serious forest guardian who wanders Kaluka Forest to make sure everything is fine and aid the needy, but when the Metallic Dynasty invaded and attacked Kaluka, Metallix tried to brainwash a female fox and I sacrificed myself for her. But, recently, two humans were able to restore me to my red fox form once again, and I am forever grateful to them.

Piano: My name is Piano, and I am very friendly, trustworthy, and love to play beautiful music to entertain travelers.

Drum: My name is Drum, and I am a bit hyper and easily excited because I can't stop dancing to fast beats in background music!

Trumpet: My name is Trumpet, and I am cheerful, kind-hearted, friendly, and always eager to meet and greet people.

Saxophone: My name is Saxophone, and I am helpful, friendly, and caring. I am always giving advice to remove Trombone's doubts and fears about strangers, and I consider him to be my best friend, despite our opposite personalities.

Trombone: My name is Trombone, and I am friendly, nervous, kind, caring, and helpful. The reason why I get nervous very easily when I see strangers is because I think they might be Metallic Dynasty members. But, I'm glad that Saxophone is always there to support and reassure me.

Harp: My name is Harp, and I am friendly, helpful, polite, and caring. People around me tell me that I am beautiful and have a lovely singing voice, and it is rumored that I have won several singing contests as a result of this, but I don't believe it.

Violin: My name is Violin, and I am friendly, cheerful, hard-working, and honest. I enjoy giving guided tours of Musical-Land to new vistors to Kaluka.

Electric Guitar: My name is Electric Guitar, and I am friendly, helpful, caring, fun, and wanted to prove to my friends that it is possible to use the power of rock n' roll to defeat the Metallic Dynasty.

Metallina: My name is Metallina, and I am formerly the vain, evil, cold-hearted, and hot-tempered emperess of the Metallic Dynasty. Back in those days, I enjoyed showing a vision of an alternate future, it was a twisted scene where the opponent is seen serving the Metallic Dynasty was shown to the enemy. I was reformed when Sabrina transformed into Fuchsia Heart and turned me into Superbot and Valentina's maid, now I have learned to love others and put them ahead of myself, am fun loving, bubbly, happy, good-hearted, and always up for a laugh. I even use my psychic powers for good purposes such as being able to see the true future or sense when something bad is about to happen so I can warn my friends about it. I just can't believe that I was really vain and married to a jerk!

Sabrina: No need to feel guilty, Metallina. You can thank me for redeeming you.

After telling about her experiences in Kaluka, Sabrina then decided to talk about how she and Adam along with Goop, Yanpookie, Art, Gum, king Rainbow, and queen Heart had competed on a game show against Sasha, Alan, Metallix, Metallina, Durian, Banana, Cogrush, and Cavalwar.

Fairy Godmother: Sabrina, Adam told me that you and friends recently competed on a game show, where you got to win a very special prize. Will you please tell us about, if you don't mind?

Sabrina: Of course. The show is called Get Your Own Back, and there is usually a full group of five on five and they compete for the most points and the chance to humiliate each other, while the team that loses is always sent on a ghost train ride through a tunnel and then the ride ends with the losing team plunging into the gunk dunk. On this episode we competed on, it was a team of eight on eight, because we recently had just saved Kaluka and it was a special edition episode as well. As a bonus, I got the best game show prize that I could ever receive: I got my one very special wish granted, so it instantly came true: I wanted to be able to spend time with Adam in person outside of Kaluka, so I had gotten a passport and some money to help me move to Wales, and I even decided to live with Adam and his two dogs!

Fairy Godmother: That sounds wonderful. I'm so happy that you get to see Adam everyday, and congratulations on winning that star prize.

Sabrina: Thank you, fairy godmother. I really appreciate your kind words.

Sasha: It was not such a wonderful experience for me because of the terrifying ghost train ride, and being covered in that nasty and smelly gunge! But, I'm so happy for Sabrina and Adam, though.

Sabrina: Why, thank you, Sasha. That was very kind of you, and I greatly appreciate it!

Sasha: No problem. You deserve to be happy, and I can tell that Adam makes you so very happy. Sabrina, you are so lucky to have such a wonderful guy like him in your life. I also know you make Adam very happy too, and he is very lucky to have such a wonderful girl like you in his life.

Adam: Thank you for the very kind words, Sasha. That just made my day.

Sasha: It's not a problem, Adam.

Adam: And as a matter of fact, Sabrina and I watched this episode on TV, before I came here to set up the party for her.

Once Sabrina finished explaining how she moved from Tennessee to Wales, Symphonia asked Sabrina's friends to share their experiences with her.

Symphonia: So, my friends, come and tell us your thoughts on Sabrina, your experiences with her, and what she has done for you.

Adam: I love Sabrina to bits because she is a very kind-hearted absolute sweetheart who has been extremely good to me over the years and nothing will ever change that, so I thought I'd return the favor, especially since she is very good at making peoples' days. She and I were both in the Mr. Men fandom when we first met and now we share an interest in a few other fandoms as well. She always says that I have inspired her so much, and I'm very pleased to hear that.

Marlow: I really like that she is a kind person. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and I can honestly say she is a pretty cool person.

Alyssa: Well, I like that she's very nice and polite.

Caroline: I like that she is a very nice person, and is willing to draw any character, I like the way she draws too.

Brian: She is a kind, caring, and helpful person who is always there to help me with my problems.

Emmanuel: What I like about Sabrina is her cheerful attitude, her smile, and how she's always around to help people.

Alex: She's so kind and caring.

Rod: I like how Sabrina and Adam are very friendly to each other. Sabrina is pure of heart, right where it should be. Keep on spreading the love, Sabrina.

Little Miss Sexy: Even though, Sabrina is not an attractive fair maiden with beautiful looks on the outside like me, she has a truly beautiful heart because she is lovely on in the inside. Because it is 100% true that looks aren't everything and true beauty does come from the inside. She was very lucky to win Adam's heart, and he was very generous to throw this party for his girlfriend and I know for certain that she is loving it!

Rita Peaches: I really like Sabrina because of her kindness and compassion towards other people, and I know that she is really fond and a major fan of Yellow Fire, and I am very lucky to be his girlfriend. This party is just as fun as the activities that we do at Vale People 1st!

Green Beauty: I was originally a bad girl who was an enemy of Sabrina, but not anymore! Back in my evil days, I was overly obsessed with my looks and thought that they were very beautiful and attractive, and fully believed that Sabrina had no outer beauty at all. I know that my former enemy is a major fan of Adam Legend, and it's not hard to see why she is fond of him. I'm so very grateful to him that he gave me a chance to become his girlfriend, after I fell in love with his handsome looks at first sight and decided to change my alignment. I'm so happy to be here at this party!

Sasha: I'm usually not nice to anyone since I'm a bully and a villainess who may be mean, nasty, often tell myself "with an enemy like you, who needs friends?", and know that my rivalry with Sabrina is similar to the process of fixing meal-time recipes because I enjoy cooking up a devious plan to get rid of her by sprinkling an extra dash of destruction, as my evil work becomes the order of the day! I could succeed if only I wasn't stopped by the likes of power of love, fuchsia fury... I've been destroyed by Fuchsia Heart's attack moves so many times I know them all by heart! As you know, I despise Sabrina because of her stupid cupid personality, but just for today, I’m going to be nice to her, just this once!

The time had come for Sabrina and Adam to decide that they wanted to tell the audience that they recently became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Symphonia: Now then, Sabrina, I have heard that you and Adam are now girlfriend and boyfriend. To be completely honest, I have always thought the two of you were meant for each other, and now I know that you two make a perfect match! Will you please tell us about how you and Adam first became friends and eventually lovers.

Sabrina: Of course! Adam is my closest deviantART friend, and I have known him since May 25th, 2010. Both of us were in the Mr. Men fandom at the time, we started off as friends and our friendship had just continued to grow from there. Sometime in 2011, we started to become close friends and during this time, I started having romantic feelings for him, but, I couldn't tell him because I didn't know how he would have reacted at the time, which is why I had to hide these feelings by being madly in love with his superhero alter-ego, Yellow Fire. And finally, on Febuary 1st, 2014 we officially become a couple and started a happy relationship, so nothing will change it, and I just want to say that I love Adam so much, he is a really great guy who is extremely important to me, which is why I feel the way I do. He is the love of my life, and I'm so very happy and lucky to have him as my very first boyfriend, which means that I have never been in a romantic relationship previously. Before I had been warped to Kaluka and got my wish of getting to physically meet Adam in person, I had only met him online and saw him through Skype and constantly talked about how much I wanted to spend time with him in person to not just himself, but also to my family offline in the real world as well, and I know that I didn't have to say it loads of times, but it was just hard not to because this situation was really important to me. He really is the best boyfriend that I could ever ask for, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Fairy Godmother: And then, I will ask Adam to share his own experiences on this as well.

Adam: Yes indeed. Sabrina and I met on deviantART 5 years ago. We started off as friends, then close friends, and now we are a happy couple. I started to have the same feelings for her too at the same time she began to fall in love with me. One time when she went on holiday for a long time, I really missed her and that shows how much she really means the world to me, and I told her that I loved her for the very first time right after she had come back from that trip. I am a very happy and lucky guy to have a lovely girlfriend like her.

After Sabrina and Adam announced to the audience that they are now a couple, Symphonia announced that she had a surprise in store for the guest of honor.

Symphonia: I have a very special surprise for you, Sabrina. I am going to perform one of your favorite songs that you listen to a lot, it is the theme song for the movie version of Bye Bye Birdie. For those of you who don't know what this musical comedy movie is about, it tells the story of Conrad Birdie, a popular rock and roll star who receives an army draft notice. Conrad has a contest for girls to be chosen for his Farewell Kiss, which will be shown live on TV, where he will sing a song called "One Last Kiss" and kiss a randomly chosen high school girl goodbye before he goes into the army. Kim McAfee is a teenage girl who is Conrad's biggest fan and the leader of his fan club, and is thrilled when she is chosen as the winner of the contest. The prelude and reprise the title song "Bye Bye, Birdie" are not a part of the story, but they display Kim's character arc development: in the first rendition, she is a whining petulant little girl who laments how dull her life will become without her un-ending adulation for Conrad, and in the finale, she has changed into a beautiful grown woman who is now wiser by moving past her teenage infatuation and continuing with the rest of her life as she bids Conrad a defiant fond goodbye as he has now been enlisted into the army and ceases to exist to her. And now, I invite to sit back and enjoy my own rendition of this classic song.

Sabrina watched in amazement as Symphonia walked onto the center of the stage, then a spotlight shined on the fairy as she performed an over-the-top impersonation of Ann-Margret's solo giddy flapper song-and-dance routine to the "Bye Bye Birdie" title song, while an instrumental version of the song played in the background. She decided to actually sing the song herself, rather than lip synch to the original track.

Symphonia: *singing* Bye bye, Birdie! I'm gonna miss you so. Bye bye, Birdie! Why'd ya have to go? No more sunshine, it's followed you away! I'll cry, Birdie,'till you're home to stay! I'll miss the way you smile, as though it's just for me! And each and every night, I'll write to you faithfully! Bye bye, Birdie! It's awful hard to bear! Bye bye, Birdie! Guess I'll always care! Guess I'll always care! Guess I'll always care! Bye bye, Birdie! The army's got you now. I'll try, Birdie, to forget somehow! No more sighing each time you move those lips, no more dying when you twitch those hips! You swivel and you sway with super-duper class! There's nothing left to say, but, Conrad, you're a gas! Bye bye, Birdie! Ta-ta, ol' sweetie pie! Bye bye, Birdie! Time for me to fly! Time for me to fly! Time to say goodbye! Bye now!

Sabrina: That was a very beautiful rendition of the Bye Bye Birdie title song, Symphonia. That was such a wonderful surprise, and you have such a lovely singing voice too.

Symphonia: Thank you so much for your very kind comment, Sabrina.

Sabrina: You're very welcome.

Symphonia: And now, it is time for our dinner buffet. So go find a table and help yourselves to fantastic feast!

Then the buffet was opened up and they had a variety of different foods: buttermilk pancakes filled with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips that were topped with hot fudge and drizzled with peanut butter sauce, buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy, hash browns, thick-sliced bacon strips, smoked sausage patties, crispy potato wedges, tortilla chips that were served with a bowl of chorizo queso dip, creamy white cheddar macaroni and cheese, buffalo chicken nachos, meatballs sprinkled with finely chopped garlic and taco seasoning mix and a topped with mild enchilada sauce and shredded Mexican cheese, large pizza slices with pepperoni and extra cheese, garlic butter and parmesan Italian seasoning breadsticks, asparagus, and spinach. There were also two special stations just for a huge platter of one specific food, the first one had big fresh lightly hand breaded golden crispy coated tender and juicy chicken breast strips that were shaken in a mixture of three different BBQ sauces: a sweet and thick red tomato base, a tangy vinegar and yellow mustard base, and just a touch of a fiery thin blend of a pepper and vinegar base. While the second one had all beef hot dogs wrapped and deep fried in flour tortillas topped with hot-n-spicy sauerkraut, sweet pickle relish, spicy brown mustard, shredded cheese, bacon, chopped garlic, and poppy seeds. And for dessert there were soft and chewy fruit punch snack strips with a delicious tang that is not overly sweet, chocolate peanut butter ice cream bars, chocolate peanut butter pie, peanut butter cookie dough truffles, vaniila milkshakes, and blueberry pie, they also had milk, coffee, or tea as the beverages served with the desserts.

Everyone, got in line and helped themselves to a wonderful meal. Sabrina was sitting with Adam, prince Ulrich, prince Xander, Lola Bunny, Sasha, princess Peach, Rita Repulsa, Ren Höek, Svën Höek, Stimpson J. Cat, Timon the meerkat, Pumbaa the warthog, and Mr. Happy at the first table. The fairy godmother, Sabrina's Rights Fighters OC's, the Benevolent Beanies, the Beauty Brigade, and deviantART friends sat at the second table. Symphonia, Sabrina's Mr. Men & Little Miss OC's, the 2nd generation nerdluckettes and Chocolate, the Star Beanie girls, and the Kalukians and Skyienians were at the third table. All the party guests were really enjoying the meal that had been prepared, even Sasha, and she didn't even complain about it this time. After dinner and dessert were over, Sabrina walked on to the stage and thanked all the guests for coming to the party. Then they all brought out the 16x20 photo poster of her that they had signed and presented it to her.

Sabrina: May I have your attention please? I just want to say thank you so much for a really great night, everyone. It really was a wonderful surprise!

Fairy Godmother: We have one last gift to present to you, Sabrina. Please accept this photo poster that we have signed for you!

Sabrina: Thank you so much for this wonderful photo poster, I really appreciate it! But, you really didn't have to do this.

Symphonia: We wanted to, Sabrina. It's for all the kindness that you always show to your friends, and we all wanted to return the favor.

At the end of the night, Sabrina decided to take individual and group photos of the guests who had come to the party, and she decided to post them on deviantART and Facebook the next day. After the photos had been taken, Sabrina and Adam had bid their friends from deviantART as well as everyone from the hub world goodbye for now, and told them that they were looking forward to seeing them again. Just before Sasha was about to leave and return to Alan's mansion in England, she gave a friendly smile to Sabrina and Adam and sincerely thanked them for inviting her to the party, as she even admitted that she really enjoyed herself.

Once they had returned back to their house, Sabrina and Adam were greeted by Honey and Misty, the two dogs barked and wagged their tails.

Adam: Hello, Honey. Hello, Misty.

Sabrina: Honey, Misty, please don't jump on me.

Adam: Well, Sabrina. I'm ready to relax for a bit and watch some TV.

Sabrina: I think that's an excellent idea. We could have some snacks too.

Sabrina and Adam ate ice cream and popcorn and drank some hot chocolate, while watching a variety of different shows such as Judge Judy, The Big Bang Theory, Family Feud, Get Your Own Back, and Brainiac: Science Abuse.

Sabrina: Adam, thank you so much for that wonderful deviantART anniversary party, I really enjoyed it very much.

Adam: It was no problem at all. It did take six months of planning, but it was well worth it, and it really turned out to be a success.

Sabrina: That’s a night I’ll remember for the rest of my life, and it is all thanks to you planning that wonderful surprise. You really are the best boyfriend that I could ever have, and I love you so much.

Adam: Congratulations being a member of deviantART for six years, and I know you will be always be a member of it for as long as you live. I'm so lucky to have you as my girlfriend, and I love you so much too, Sabrina.

Sabrina looked at Adam and smiled as he also returned one back to her, as the couple snuggled closer to each other as they wrapped their hands around each other's shoulders and shared a kiss.
Sabrina's 6th year deviantART anniversary party -

Here is the third and final part of the sixth year deviantART anniversary party. I am telling everyone about the adventures that I have been on with my deviantART friends, and we are also treated to a fantastic dinner buffet as well.

Princess Peach is (C) of Nintendo.

Rita Repulsa is (C) of Saban.

Ren Höek, Stimpson J. Cat, and Svën Höek are (C) of John Kricfalusi.

Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog are (C) of Walt Disney Studios.

Lola Bunny is (C) of Warner Bros. Studios.

Mr. Happy is (C) of Roger Hargreaves.

Ann-Margret is (C) of herself.

The Wizard Of Oz is (C) of L. Frank Baum.

“The Merry Old Land Of Oz” song is (C) of E.Y. Harburg and Harold Arlen.

Conrad Birdie and Kim McAfee are (C) of Charles Strouse and Lee Adams.

The "Bye Bye Birdie" title song is (C) of Michael Stewart.

Judge Judy is (C) of CBS Television Distribution.

The Big Bang Theory is (C) of Chuck Lorre Productions.

Family Feud is (C) of FremantleMedia.

Get Your Own Back and Brainiac: Science Abuse are (C) of BBC.

I am (C) of myself, and Nerdluckette Sunny, Nerdluckette Cherry, Nerdluckette Meeki, Nerdluckette Leena, Nerdluckette Lavender, Nerdluckette Lemon, Nerdluck Chocolate, Andrea Denlisen, Dashylle Knightley, Leona Chameleon, Pigmelia Bacon, Goldie, Pipsquirtia, Maci, Jordan, Taikino, Jurai, Jaiden, Darinu, Tickle, Jr., Scatterbrain, Jr., Jamie Lianne Cranston/Rainbow Ranger, Rockland Ketron, Jamison Reynolds, Nerdluckette Sabrina, Irken Invader Sabrina, Little Miss Beanie, Sabrina the Pink Power Ranger, Sabrina the Monkey, Fuchsia Heart, Sauria, Sabrina the J.U.M.P. Agent, Beanie Powerpuff, Beanie the Miniature Pony, Beanie Bird, Shellbrina, Sabrina the Dame of the Hearts of Kindness, Sabrina the Bendigedig Kingdom knight, Invisible Angel, and Sasha also belong to me.

Adam, Honey, Misty, Little Miss Sexy, Rita Peaches, Green Beauty, the Fairy Godmother, Prince Ulrich, Prince Xander, Night Terror, Jellicules, and Alan are (C) of :iconbrainiacadam:.

Rod, Ric, and the Yresyr are (C) of :iconlightningrod728:.

Jennifer Fields, Rebecca, and Andrew are (C) of :icondandyandy1989:.

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Alex is (C) of :iconrosalinassoulmate:.

Angie is (C) of :icondarkbullfrog:.

Tanner is (C) of :icontherandomclassic:.

Goop the gaboonie, Yanpookie the gaboonie, Art the raccoon, Gum the squirrel, King Rainbow, Queen Heart, Prince Starlow, Princess Starina, Peach, Cherry, Pineapple, Aquesio, Superbot, Valentina, Apple, Cinnamon, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Lemon, Lime, Patch the badger, Boomer the fox, Piano, Drum, Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Harp, Violin, Electric Guitar, Metallina, Symphonia, Banana, Durian, Cogrush, Cavalwar, and Metallix belong to me and Adam.


NOTE: The land of Kaluka is based on and borrows heavily from the previously existing land of Oz created by by L. Frank Baum, while the Kalukians themselves are completely original characters in terms of their physical appearances, but their attack moves and "versus mode"-style battles are based on and similar to the Pokémon creatures' attack moves and fights.

Kaluka is a fictional fantasy world with anthropormorphic animals, fruits, and objects who become either new friends or new enemies to first-time vistors to the magical land. It is a pleasant land with a mild temperate climate, fertile soil in the forest, and most of the Kalukians are law-abiding, friendly, and acknowledge the rule of the king and queen of Skyienia. However, underground beneath the forest, lives an isolated ancient and evil empire known as the Metallic Dynasty. The only way to get to Kaluka is if someone who is pure of heart is warped there by the queen of Skyienia in order to help the Kalukians fight against the Metallic Dynasty and stop them from taking the heroes' land expanding and their own empire. Time works differently in Kaluka than it does in our world because it is is over 1,000 years old, which is why every resident has quite a long history of training for something. Time in Kaluka and Earth are completely different because when people who are warped to Kaluka for the first time arrive back to their homes after that adventure and any future ones, no time will have passed from between when they leave and when they come back, this is why Kaluka must be kept a secret from the world we live in. The time between the two worlds is the fact that years have passed in Kaluka, while for the first-time visitors and even later trips there, they will have just come home from their visits to Kaluka on the same exact day that they were warped into the magical land. In addition to this, due to Kaluka's enchantment, the Kalukians and Skyienians permanently remain static in their ages by being frozen in time so they do not change as years pass them by, which means that if a human wanted to live there, elderly humans will remain old, young adults will always stay young and strong, teenagers will always be teenagers, children will remain children always and play and romp to their hearts' content, and babies will live in their cradles as they will be tenderly cared for and never grow up. However, if any Kalukian, Skyienian, or human does not want to stay at the same age for as long as they want, they can ask Kaluka's creator for a request to grow older, and she will make it so through the use of her magic. They can even ask her to cancel the request if they have aged to where they want to be, so they can stop growing older. The official language of Kaluka is Kaluienian, however the residents of the land are also taught to speak English so they can communicate with people from the great outside world who have traveled there. Kaluka is divided into several different areas, and the variety of the cast of many fascinating characters are some of the most famous and important citizens that live there:

Kaluka Forest - A very beautiful forest filled with any nature lover's dream, with a large tree which holds Art the raccoon's tree stump home, Gum the squirrel's knothole home, and Apple's tree branch house. And on the ground there is Goop the gaboonie's cave, which is large enough to provide shelter for him, his wife Yanpookie, and the entire gaboonie herd. Other residents who live in Kaluka Forest include: Lemon, Lime, Cinnamon, Patch the badger, and Boomer the fox who is the gaurdian of the forest.

Skyienia - A land that is located on a cloud high in the sky above the land of Kaluka, it is the former's capital. This land is a very heavenly paradise with many tall golden buildings in the city, and the rulers believe that if you are pure of heart, you are worthy of ruling Skyienia one day. The royal King Rainbow and Queen Heart live in the castle with their two children: Prince Starlow and Princess Starina and the assistants Peach and Cherry. Strawberry and Passion Fruit both live in the city.

Musical-Land - It is a city based on music and musical instruments. Piano, Drum, Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Harp, Violin, Electric Guitar, and a variety of other anthropormorphic instruments live there.

Kaluka Beach - A tropical beach where the sand is soft, the sea is clear and the sun always shines. Pineapple has his home in a palm tree in the middle of it.

Seaweed Kingdom - It is an underwater city under Kaluka Beach, ruled by King Aquesio.

Giggle Garden - A small village where Kalukian fairies live. Most of the residents there only speak the Kalukian language, except for Symphonia the grand fairy who is the gaurdian of Giggle Garden and creator of the the land of Kaluka over 1,000 years ago by using her very powerful magic, which was responsible for the existence of the anthropormorphic animals, fruits, shapes, and objects.

Shadowmetalland - An underground hideout in a shadowy part of Kaluka, where the ancient and evil empire known as the Metallic Dynasty resides. Metallix is the emporor of this empire and he wants to overthrow the land of Kaluka and the Skyienian palace, because he wants to expand both of these into a part of the Metallic Dynasty. Other members of this empire include: Metallix's wife Metallina, Banana, Durian, Nut, Bolt, Washer, Cogrush, Cavalwar, Superbot, and Valentina.

And here are some various species' names in Kaluienian, along with the English translations:

Nelaini = Gaboonie

Keaireil = Raccoon

Moirnal = Squirrel

Iktelzag = Rainbow

Kelanlu = Heart

Unikepa = Star

Rurish = Peach

Tenadan = Cherry

Galekan = Apple

Qwenria = Lemon

Qwentenia = Lime

Ainetiya = Banana

Pwerant = Durian

Neytanu = Metal sheet

Tyaneia = Metal ball

Shoai = Human



United States
Hello there! My name is Sabrina, and welcome to my deviantART page. Here you will find drawings of various characters from many fandoms, pictures of my friends' OC's, plus my OC's, too!

My profile

Name: Sabrina
Nicknames: Bean or Beanie
Usernames: beaniet85 (on most sites) and Sabrina1985 (on the CanonFanon Wiki)
Gender: Female
Hair type/color: Naturally curly and dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5 foot 1
Religion: Methodist Christian, and I'm not afraid to admit that I belive in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior!
Date of birth: November 9th, 1985
Place of birth: New Jersey
Current location: Tenneessee
Favorite genre of music: Anything but country
Favorite visual artists: :icontaiama:, :iconsquillarah:, and :iconbrainiacadam:
Favorite style of art: Digital drawings on MS Paint
Operating System: HP laptop computer
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Turtle
Wallpaper of choice: Customized kind
My fandom personas: Nerdluckette Sabrina (Space Jam), Irken Invader Sabrina (Invader Zim), Little Miss Beanie (Mr. Men & Little Miss), Sabrina The Pink Power Ranger (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers), Sabrina The Monkey (Star Fox), Fuchsia Heart (The Rights Fighters), Sauria (Mortal Kombat), Sabrina The J.U.M.P. Agent (J.U.M.P.), Beanie Powerpuff (The Powerpuff Girls), Beanie The Miniature Pony (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic), Beanie Bird (Angry Birds), Shellbrina (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Dame Sabrina Of The Hearts Of Kindness (Sabrina & Adam's Adventure In Kaluka), Sabrina The Bendigedig Kingdom Knight (Adam VS The Apocalypse: Rapture Rematch), and Invisible Angel (various fandoms)

About me:

If you'd like to get to know me, I'm a very happy, kind-hearted, friendly, polite, caring, and loving person who is willing to make friends with anyone. I am proud to be an American, and my heritage/cultural background consists of Colombian, Dutch, German, Swedish, English, and Welsh descent. I work as a silverware roller at the hospital and my hobbies are drawing on MS paint, listening to music, and swimming.

Permission for anyone who wants to use my OC's:

I allow and encourage everyone to have the right and freedom of personal interpretations of the fanon characters that I have created by changing their personalities, if that is what someone wishes to do with them. The reason why I strongly support this is because if we are allowed to do this same exact thing to a canon character from a video game, movie, or TV show that we have no copyright over, then we should be able to change a fanon character's personality without the owner's approval. However, may I please politely ask that you do not tell me how I should use them in the stories that I write, because how they behave in my stories is up to me to decide.

Request and art trade information:

Note: There is absolutely nothing wrong with you giving the other person a stick figure or a mouse drawn MS paint picture that 1 hour to finish and they give you the Mona Lisa or a beautiful digital painting they have worked on for 3-4 hours, because people should be willing to do art trades with people of all skill levels, instead of just only ones with people who are as good as theirs, because in my opinion, all artworks are beautiful no matter how long that a person has worked on it. But, you should never be unfair with the other person and ditch them by turning their picture into a free request. This is why I will gladly take requests and art trades from any deviant, even if I don't know them, just to keep everyone happy, and not turn them down so they don't feel left out. So feel free to ask me if you are interested in doing one. All skill levels are accepted, no discrimination here. The only rule that I have here is that may I please ask that you don't rush me to do the picture, because I can draw pretty quick depending on how many characters are in it.

Things I will draw:

Fandoms I heard of and like

Any fandom I don't like or I have not heard of

Canon characters

Original fanon characters


Parodies of canon characters from books, tv shows, movies, and video games

Hetero and slash pairings

Various characters from different fandoms doing my "Peach Repulsa" cosplay (that means being dressed up in Princess Peach's dress and crown and wearing a replica of Rita Repulsa's grey hair that is styled in the shape of two bizarre, mad, wacky, zany, crazy, unusual, strange-looking, and outrageous pointed cone horns)

ACEOs (trading card-sized drawings that feature special edition or original artwork of one character)

Pictures of you

Things I will NOT draw:

Characters who are participating in passing gas

Mature art with adult themes such as swear words, inappropriate phrases, weird fetish stuff, dirty sexual acts, blood, and violence

Anything I find too disturbing in my own mind

Art attacking other deviants

I do not accept the following, so please don't ask about them, the reason for this is because I don't believe taking a screenshot of pageviews is important, since all they do is tell you how many times others have viewed your page, and the fact that I draw for enjoyment and not for money and points:



Point commissions

Other websites that I am a member of:

The Nerdluck Forum -…
The Mr. Men Wiki -…
The Mr. Men OC Wiki -…
The CanonFanon Wiki -…

AdCast - Ads from the Community


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