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Check out these awesome pics made by my friends and other people!


a Peach Repulsa cosplay + a Tex Avery expression by beaniet85
a Peach Repulsa cosplay + a Tex Avery expression

Here's me with a slightly different version of my Peach Repulsa cosplay: instead my normal routine of changing into this outfit by doing a quick costume change by spinning quickly in a circle and a few seconds later, wearing a replica of the princess dress and crown while my curly dark brown hair is styled into the shape and resembles the physical appearance of those two bizarre, mad, wacky, zany, crazy, unusual, strange-looking, and outrageous pointed hair cone horns, this time a whirlwind with a whooshing “HA FWOOMP!” sound was heard, as I suddenly felt tingling on my scalp and my hair became a silhouette made out of a bright light of energy which then instantly materialized into and looked exactly like that of Rita Repulsa’s hairstyle but in it's usual color, while my t-shirt, shorts, and sandals changed into princess Peach's dress and crown. I just couldn't resist adding :iconbrainiacadam: doing a classic Tex Avery expression which consists of his eyes bulging out while the pupils are replaced with a heart shape in each eye, jaw dropping, tongue flying out, panting like a dog, and howling like a wolf.

princess Peach's dress and crown are (C) of Nintendo.

Rita Repulsa's hair is (C) of Saban.

Tex Avery wolf expression is (C) of Tex Avery.

I am (C) of myself.

Adam is (C) of BrainiacAdam.

at - Seagull + Beaver by beaniet85
at - Seagull + Beaver

My half of an art trade with :iconcareduck:, she wanted her OC's Seagull and Beaver holding hands. I hope you like it, Caroline!

Seagull and Beaver are (C) of CareDuck.

at - Adelina, Yellow Fire, + Fuchsia Heart by beaniet85
at - Adelina, Yellow Fire, + Fuchsia Heart

My half of an art trade with :iconkittykat237:, she wanted her OC Adelina meeting Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart! I hope you like it, Karli!

Adelina is (C) of kittykat237.

Yellow Fire is (C) of :iconbrainiacadam:

Fuchsia Heart is (C) of me.

at - the mayor of Artville by beaniet85
at - the mayor of Artville
My half of an art trade with :iconbrainiacadam:. He wanted the scene of Palutena making him the mayor of Artville from :icondandyandy1989:'s story "Adam For Mayor."

Palutena is (C) of Nintendo.

Adam is (C) of BrainiacAdam.

Hello, my fellow deviants! I have thought of some ideas if mine and :iconbrainiacadam:'s original story "Sabrina & Adam's Adventure In Kaluka" was turned into a live-action movie:

*In addition to me and Adam playing the dual roles of ourselves and our fan-made rivals Sasha and Alan, the only other real person in the cast would be an actress named Isla Fisher as Symphonia the grand fairy of Kaluka

*Goop the gaboonie, Yanpookie the gaboonie, and Cavalwar would be full-bodied puppets that are much larger the size of a human and the performers would be required to move the bodies and limbs

*Art the raccoon, Patch the badger, Boomer the fox, Lemon, Lime, Apple, Cinnamon, King Rainbow, Queen Heart, Peach, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Piano, Drum, Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Harp, Violin, Electric Guitar, Metallix, Metallina, Banana, Durian, and Cogrush would be standee puppets made out of foam rubber and would have lifelike characteristics through the use of computer animated robotic devices

*Gum the squirrel, Prince Starlow, Princess Starina, Cherry, Strawberry, Aquesio, Nut, Bolt, and Washer would be hand puppets controlled by one hand which occupies the interior of them

*Superbot and Valentina would be mechanical robots and operated by humans using wireless remote-controls

*The instrumental theme music for the land of Kaluka:…

*The instrumental theme music for mine and Adam's arrival into Kaluka from Earth:…

*The instrumental theme music for mine and Adam's return to Earth from Kaluka:… and during this sequence a flashback montage of the following scenes are shown:

The shot of the Kalukians and Skyienians looking into the warped mirror with the strange-looking split screen image which shows Sabrina sitting at her computer desk and playing on her laptop in her bedroom on one side and Adam walking outdoors and stepping on to a sidewalk just after leaving his house to get a gulp of fresh air and escape boredom on the other side

A shot of Art placing two fingers on the sides of his head and closing his eyes for a few seconds to sense a premonition, while Gum looks at him with a worried and concerned look on her face

The scene of Sabrina and Adam screaming in delight and hugging each other as they are overjoyed to have met in person for the first ever time

A scene of Aquesio firing a barrage of bubbles at Banana and Durian during the underwater battle in the Seaweed Kingdom

A shot of the musical instruments in Musical-Land

A scene of Prince Starlow, Princess Starina, and Valentina running around the garden to play tag

A shot of Symphonia appearing a bright flash of light

A scene of Durian spinning around and firing spikes at Goop, but the gaboonie counters the attack by charging into the durian and then gently dropping onto him with his full body weight

A random shot of Cavalwar, Cogrush, and Durian watching Banana and Metallina arguing over who is the fairest of all of Kaluka

A scene with Alan greeting Sabrina as he smiles seductively and puts his hand on her shoulder as he gives her a truly genuine warm and friendly smile as he pulls her closer to him and attempts to kiss her on the cheek

The scene where Yellow Fire charges up and increases his heat as he launches a giant fireball which engulfs Metallix in flames to completely melt him into a puddle of liquid bubbling metal

"Special Edition" DVD super-cool bonus features ideas:

Commentary interviews with the writers and director about proposing many odd ideas and creating new incidents to liven up the story by deciding to use the original idea of turning it into a slapstick musical comedy that had a few deviations from what was written in the resemblance to the book other than the main characters living in the United States and United Kingdom and transported to Kaluka via portal, before they ended up turning to the book and being far more faithful to the original storyline, rather than going with the very different previous version of the script

The opening and closing animation interstitials segments used in the TV broadcast version presented separately from the original theatrical version

"The Uncut Origin Story Of Metallix's Desire To Rule Kaluka" a 20-minute animated short mini-movie

"Who's That Kalukian?" interactive element DVD-ROM fun facts quiz trivia game

Here are the official promotional merchandise ideas:

Action figures

Playsets with figurines

Plush toys

Bean bag dolls

Promotional tie-in kid's-meal toys for restaurant chains

A soundtrack album with all the instrumental music with some dialogue taken directly from the movie that is interspersed with the music to tell the story

A full-length long-playing record adaptation which retells the story of the film in a radio theater-style format that includes six songs written especially for this record, it comes packaged with a giant-sized 24-page read-along picture storybook that contains many wonderful magnificent full-color photos from the original motion picture, the story would be narrated by Isla Fisher as Symphonia

A CD featuring all of the original unedited background score soundtracks

A picture storybook adaptation of the movie featuring pop-up cardboard cutouts of the characters which can be detached and assembled into three dimensional dolls that are designed to walk down a slanted surface

The official movie novelization which includes new scenes in order to give the plot "added dimension" in addition to all of the deleted scenes from the final edited film

A hardbound art book that consists of photographs of a behind-the-scenes footage look at the making of the puppets used in the film and bringing them to life, a series of storyboards with production artwork featuring concept pencil sketch illustration drawings of the characters from the movie, full-color photographs of the gorgeous backdrop paintings from the movie, promotional publicity photographs of on-set scenes, "Kaluka Data File" character biographies with information on the various characters that appear in the movie, and a checklist with short blurbs of text that give a little explanation of all of the deleted scenes featured in the completely unedited two hour-length pre-release sneak preview version of the movie which were cut from the final edited film

A press kit containing a variety of fun items: a complete set of full-color lobby cards featuring a different scene from the film, character posters featuring an individual character from the film, sheets of full-color stickers of the Kalukian and human characters, iron-on character patches for t-shirts, black-&-white paper dolls to be colored in later, pin-on buttons of the film's characters, and a box of crayons

Here are the food tie-in ideas, and these products do not just simply have Kaluka characters added to the packaging, but also feature detailed likenesses of them outlined on actual waffles, pancakes, or biscuits, and have character-shaped pasta, cereal, or candy:

Cheese pasta dinner - Kaluka character-shaped pasta noodles in orange powdered processed cheese-food sauce, and each character also appeared one at a time as the focal point on the front of each box, while the other characters would appear in the background

Pasta shapes in tomato sauce -  The cheese pasta noodle shapes in a thick tomato sauce

Microwave pizza - Kaluka character-shaped pizzas with oily slices of pepperoni that you can oven-cook to taste decent or have a microwave-ready soppy one in four minutes, it even features character artwork on the box

Chocolate tin - A metal tin with a figure attached to the top of it with ten sugar-coated chocolate treats shaped like a different Kaluka character inside, and once the chocolates are eaten, the buyer may use the tin as a storage container

Chocolate candy mold - A tube of powdered chocolate mix with a molding tray, and the instructions for making the product are to first mix the chocolate in a cup of hot water, pour it into the molds, wait until the chocolate has set and then eat the molded chocolate

Chocolate ball - Bite-size Kaluka character-shaped peanut butter candies inside a ball made of chocolate, along with a sticker


United States
Hello there! My name is Sabrina, and welcome to my deviantART page. Here you will find drawings of various characters from many fandoms, pictures of my friends' OC's, plus my OC's, too!


Name: Sabrina
Nicknames: Bean or Beanie
Usernames: beaniet85 (on most sites) and Sabrina1985 (on the CanonFanon Wiki)
Gender: Female
Hair type/color: Naturally curly and dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5 foot 1
Religion: Methodist Christian, and I'm not afraid to admit that I belive in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior!
Date of birth: November 9th, 1985
Place of birth: New Jersey
Current location: Tenneessee
Favorite genre of music: Anything but country
Favorite visual artists: :icontaiama:, :iconsquillarah:, and :iconbrainiacadam:
Favorite style of art: Digital drawings on MS Paint
Operating System: HP laptop computer
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Turtle
Wallpaper of choice: Customized kind
My fandom personas: Nerdluckette Sabrina (Space Jam), Irken Invader Sabrina (Invader Zim), Little Miss Beanie (Mr. Men & Little Miss), Sabrina The Pink Power Ranger (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers), Sabrina The Monkey (Star Fox), Fuchsia Heart (The Rights Fighters), Sauria (Mortal Kombat), Sabrina The J.U.M.P. Agent (J.U.M.P.), Beanie Powerpuff (The Powerpuff Girls), Beanie The Miniature Pony (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic), Beanie Bird (Angry Birds), Shellbrina (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Dame Sabrina Of The Hearts Of Kindness (Sabrina & Adam's Adventure In Kaluka), Sabrina The Bendigedig Kingdom Knight (Adam VS The Apocalypse: Rapture Rematch), and Invisible Angel (various fandoms)

About me:

If you'd like to get to know me, I'm a very happy, kind-hearted, friendly, polite, caring, and loving person who is willing to make friends with anyone. I am proud to be an American, and my heritage/cultural background consists of Colombian, Dutch, German, Swedish, English, and Welsh descent. I work as a silverware roller at the hospital and my hobbies are drawing on MS paint, listening to music, and swimming.


For anyone who wants to draw my OC's, I am perfectly fine with, allow, approve of, and encourage people to have the right and freedom to have personal interpretations of changing the personalities of the fanon characters that I have created, so people can make them behave differently in a different headcanon if that is what someone wishes to do with them. However, I would disapprove of someone portraying the characters that I own swearing with bad language and saying inappropriate phrases or being dirty in sexual scenes, but I know that I would have to accept it because it's not right to dictate someone else's headcanon, so I would politely ignore the imaginings of the person using my characters in those situations. The whole reason that I strongly support this is because if it is okay when fans do this exact same thing to canon characters which are actually original characters that have been copyrighted, trademarked, and published in an original story of an anime, manga, book, or movie that belongs to the universe created by that person's mind without the TV studio or video game company's approval even if those companies were to consistently and aggressively prevent fan-made materials based on any of their media, than we should be allowed to do this with fanon characters that are based off of and created within the pre-existing universe of another person's marketed work too, and not just unless a creator allows it.


NOTE: There is absolutely nothing wrong with you giving the other person a stick figure or a mouse drawn MS paint picture that 1 hour to finish and they give you the Mona Lisa or a beautiful digital painting they have worked on for 3-4 hours, because people should be willing to do art trades with people of all skill levels, instead of just only ones with people who are as good as theirs, because in my opinion, all artworks are beautiful no matter how long that a person has worked on it. But, you should never be unfair with the other person and ditch them by turning their picture into a free request.

Things I will draw:

Rita Repulsa's grey hair that is styled in the shape of two bizarre, mad, wacky, zany, crazy, unusual, strange-looking, and outrageous pointed cone horns

Princess Peach's dress and crown

Fandoms I heard of and like

Any fandom I don't like or I have not heard of

Canon characters

Original fanon characters


Hetero and slash pairings

Pictures of you

Things I will NOT draw:

Characters who are participating in passing gas

Mature art with adult themes such as swear words, inappropriate phrases, weird fetish stuff, dirty sexual acts, blood, and violence

Anything I find too disturbing in my own mind

Art attacking other deviants


The Nerdluck Forum -…
The Mr. Men Wiki -…
The Mr. Men OC Wiki -…
The CanonFanon Wiki -…

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